Rotary Family Health Days


The Rotary Club of Morningside, is a proud participant in this global community health drive,  the Rotary Family Health Day (RFHD) initiative, which originated in the United States.  The event was inspired by a single Rotarian “Marion Bunch” who lost a family member due to an unfortunate medical condition in 1996.  Today however, this medical condition is not only treatable it is preventable with the support of all community stakeholders, including Rotary, and other Civic Society members, including business and government at all levels.

In 2016, RFHD was carried out at 120 sites across the country, focusing on the following core services:

  1. HIV/AIDs counselling and testing
  2. TB testing and screening
  3. Diabetes screening
  4. Blood pressure screening
  5. Immunizations
  6. Vitamin A administration
  7. Healthy active lifestyle education
  8. Cervical and breast cancer screening
  9. MMC counselling
  10. Dental clinic and hygiene education.
  11. Eye examinations




Follow up support and monitoring for the above services is integrated with local non-profit partners, medical service providers and government health clinics in Fourways/Deipsloot area.  This is possible with the assistance of Morningside Rotary Site Mangers, like Arnold Bell, with the assistance of John Thornhill and Raymond Goodell.

RFHD, is an example of a successful global initiative, originally inspired by power of one individual who dared to believe that they could be part of changing the world for the better and then followed through with the assistance of network of Rotarians worldwide.

The Rotary club of Morningside, onboards, drives and manages Civic Society members who would like to serve in the Deipsloot community.  Annually, approximately  1,200 members of this severely impoverished community are assisted in getting health screening per year to date.  With your support we can expand this initiative to second outreach site reaching even greater numbers of those communities in need.

About the Rotary Club of Morningside.

We are part of a Global Family.We believe that we have a shared responsibility to take action on our world's most persistent issues.

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